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The national requirement of the packagingThe national requirement of the packaging

 The national requirement of the packaging

Nowadays, people pursue green and healthy life, improve the quality of food itself requirements, at the same time also improves to food packaging standard requirement, in the past requirements for food packaging beautiful, economic and practical, but also for food packaging environmental health.Abroad is as important as food packaging and food quality, food sack as food protection clothing, once appear problem, food quality and safety is threatened.

Cannot too fancy food packaging printing, this is Japan's "food health law clear requirements, printing the colorful food packaging not only can the person gives on the vision stimulation, so as to attract more consumers, but may be a health hazard.At the same time, the Japanese "food health law" the regulation of food packaging and printing ink with special ink (alcohol soluble ink), food packaging bags must be tasteless.
In Canada, the law of food packaging materials can made specific provision, chooses the material before making bags should pass Canadian food chemical safety testing, food and packing materials at the same time health administration to monitor in food packaging.From its source to the food packaging food packaging production regulation layer by layer, thus ensuring packaging problems, can deal with as soon as possible, and find the problem reason, so food packaging production reasons, will be strictly punished.
British food packaging is basically paper, British people think is one of the safest food packaging paper, compared with plastic packaging, paper performance is stable, not easily because of the change of environment, temperature, chemical harm the body, and can be recycled, reduce the pollution of the environment.These paper food packaging in the UK made of application is very extensive, flour, coffee, rice is placed in paper packaging, liquid, beverages, fruit juice, milk is to use pallets to pack...
Comprehensive national requirements for food packaging is mainly concentrated in: packaging materials, printing ink, production details and packing quality, performance, environmental health, etc., for the solvent residues in food packaging bags, barrier performance, tensile properties, hot air, printing ink performance have performance requirements.