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The whole world is meeting big challage under COVID-19, but there's still new development request from Packing Market. And our company always fit the fast grown step from our business:

Our New Development in 2020:
1) One-Stop Service : Design + Sampling + Manufacture + Shipment.
2) Biodegradable & Eco New Materials
3) 3D Golden Stamp Print Technicial (800 colors choose)
4) Innovated Laser / Drawing Film
5) New Automatic Sealing Spout Machine (max capacity ≥ 2Million/Month of spout bag)

Below is our most POP products in 2020:   100% Biodegradable and Compatable Bag

1) Bio Plastic Bag: Bio OPP / Bio CPP

2) Bio Foil Bag: Bio OPP/ Bio CMCPP

3) Bio Kraft Paper Bag: (Yellow/ White) Kraft Paper / PLA

4) Bio PLA Bag: Corn Starch

5) Ziplock part and Valve part also can be made 100% Eco-friendly