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Our company took the championship in the RFQ competition in Shenzhen Netrepreneur Chamber of Commerce

    Recently our company compete with other companies in the RFQ in Shenzhen Netrepreneur Chamber of Commerce and take the championship in the end in 2014.
    It is good news and great encouragement for us in the following days. In last month, all of salespersons in our company tried our best and learned more skills on how to find out the key point what our customer really want.
Our company compete with other companies in the RFQ take the championship
our team
    In this competition, we help each other and encourage each other just like a big family in the entire process.Therefore, what we learn not only some skills of catching point of customers but the emotion that our families give us.  
    It enhances our team spirit of cooperation and strengthen our feelings to each other.

    We are becoming a better team.We are fighting!!!